“More than any one strategy or capability, the core virtue in this environment is a commitment to adapting as the old certainties break and adopting the new capabilities we can still only partially understand, and to remember that the only reason any of this matters to more than the current employees of what we used to call the news industry is that journalism–real reporting, about whatever someone somewhere doesn’t want published–is an essential public good.”  – C.W. Anderson, Emily Bell, Clay Shirky

“There is no solution to the present crisis. One corollary is there is no stable state coming to the practice of news any time soon. We are not living through a transition from A to B (Walter Cronkite to Baratunde Thurston, say) but a transition from one to many, from a world where Cronkite could represent some central focus to a world with a riot of competing voices …”  – C.W. Anderson, Emily Bell, Clay Shirky

“Individual journalists in whatever area of expertise need to think of experimentation with the aim of innovation as something they practice rather than endure.”  – Clayton M. Christensen, David Skok, James Allworth

“We aspire to be the largest small company in our space.”  – Dominic Orr

“I want us to listen to these dissenters because they may intend to tell you why we can’t do something, but if you listen hard, what they’re really telling you is what you must do to get something done.”  – Bob Pittman


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