Month: August 2016

Introducing the 2016 Summer Journalism Experience participants

Emily Fornof, Pittsburgh, PA

By Nurah Lambert 

Born in Pittsburgh and lived in Natrona Heights at the time. At one, she moved to the suburb of Indianapolis. At five, she moved to Homer, NY. At six, she moved to Morrisville, NC. In October of the fourth grade she moved to Peters Township, PA and has lived there ever since.

She wrote for newspaper staring her junior year writing for random sections and editing. Her senior year she became editor of “Outside the Bubble,” the national and international news section of the paper.

Interests: Playing lacrosse, making and looking at art, listening to music (even though she claims to be bad at instruments—specifically the guitar), traveling, and hiking

Music: Mainly listens to alternative, indie, and reggaeton

If she could have dinner and talk with anyone for an hour she would Malala, Lin Manuel Miranda, and/or William Faulkner

Spirit Animal: Sharks are her fave but she’s nothing like a shark so she says dolphin because dolphins are the nicer version of sharks

She chose Tulane because it made sense financially and there’s so much get involved with on campus

She wants to study Political Science (Major), Spanish (Not sure whether major or minor yet), and Art History (Minor)

Weirdest Moment: She knew a kid in 3rd grade in NC but he moved away. Then she moved the following year and found out he had moved to the exact same place and was in her sister’s class.

Fave food: Crab ragoons

Fave color: Green

Pets: Cat named Roxy who acts like dog

Siblings: Twin sister

Future plans: Law school to become a juvenile public defender

Fave place ever travelled: Florence, Italy

If she could only listen to one music act for the rest of her life? Shakira

Fave movie: Fight Club

Fave book: Light in August by William Faulkner, Crime and Punishment by Fyodor D.

Unpopular opinion: She doesn’t like Mean Girls. FUN FACT: The more people reference it, the more she dislikes it

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Fave meme: Ted Cruz zodiac killer, Harambe

Activity she’s always wanted to do: Skydiving

Favorite Jim prank: Jim get Asian man to pretend he’s him

Fave sports team: Steelers

Favorite child star gone rogue: Mckulley culkin (however you spell his name)

Least favorite internet subculture: Meninists

Poetry or Prose? Depends on her mood

Fave 5 yrs- When she was 5-10 y/o

Kanye or Taylor? Kanye

Fave music video: “Breezeblocks” by Alt-J, “Senorita”- Vince Staples, “Latinoamerica”- Calle 13, “Rain on Me”- Pitbull & Marc Anthony

Fave board game- Balderdash

Object that reminds her of her childhood: Scooter

Nurah Lambert, Chicago, IL

By Emily Fornof

Throughout Nurah’s life she has lived in 6 different places.  Three of which were in the Chicago area, including the place she was born.  She then lived in two cities in Texas and one in Georgia.  Not only did she move states but schools as well, totaling three different high schools, four elementary schools, and two middle schools.  While she may have been constantly meeting people, oddly enough, one of her best friends ended up living with her in Georgia and Illinois.  Now she has made her move to New Orleans.  The city, the school’s financial benefits, and its ease of multiple majors encourage Lambert to head to Tulane.  During her time here she plays on majoring in economics, communications, and english.  Her love of economics has inspired to look into researching informal economy in her future and obtain a PhD in economics.  Her other career option fall more in line with her english major, which is becoming an entertainment writer.  Her love of entertainment is cultivated by her wide music taste (excluding country, of course), her siding with Kanye in the pop culture battle of the century, and her entertainment favorites.  These favorites include the movies, American Beauty, Scott Pilgrim Versus the World and Twilight, the music videos, Crying Lightning by Arctic Monkeys and Born this Way by Lady Gaga and Lemonade by Beyonce and West Coast by Lana Del Rey Tessellate by Alt-J, her favorite child star gone rouge, Lindsey Lohan, and her favorite Jim from the office prank of having his asian actor friend pretend to be him.  While she may love many of these pop culture greats, she diverts from the mainstream by not being a fan of Perks of Being a Wallflower and Hamilton.

Caroline Davenport, Bethesda, MD

By Robin Boch

Caroline Michela Davenport, an SJE freshman and Bethesda, Maryland native, has had a variety of experiences in the fields of community service and activism and is excited to continue these endeavors and pursue other interests during her time at Tulane. While in high school, she was a participant in her school’s Girl Up, Model UN, tour guide, and feminist organizations. Additionally, she went on a service trip to a village in Costa Rica, volunteered at a soup kitchen every Saturday, and worked at a local preschool for underprivileged children. Her favorite classes were AP Psychology, Comparative Religion, Philosophy, and AP US Government.

When she is not working on assignments for classes or meeting with people from the organizations with which she is involved, Caroline loves watching shows on Netflix. Some of her favorites includes “The Office” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” She said, “I watch an embarrassing amount of TV!” She is not much of a music person, but she definitely enjoys to read nonfiction books about intriguing topics.

Caroline did not know much about Tulane when she first applied, but when she visited, she “just had an amazing time” and committed when she got home. She is planning to major in political science and possibly double major in another subject, and she is interested in getting involved with organizations on campus such as The Hullaballoo and College Democrats. She is most excited about meeting so many new people and make a life for herself in a new place, in addition to getting involved with whatever sparks her interest.

Robin Boch, Roanoke, VA

By Caroline Davenport

Robin McCauley Boch believes in ghosts and aliens, but not astrology. Spring would be her favorite season if she didn’t have allergies. She has watched the entirety of “Gossip Girl” an impressive two times through and enjoys political comedy shows. She was born on March 11.

 The Virginia born and raised Tulane freshman has ambitious plans for her next four years here. She plans on double majoring in French and political science, with a concentration in international relations. Back home she lived with her father and two sisters, one of whom was adopted from China. Another important member of her family is her dog, Mojo. Tulane appealed to her because she “wanted to go somewhere that had good academics but wasn’t cutthroat and that would offer a lot to do on campus and in the city.” She is looking forward to getting involved with The Hullabaloo, TOGA, College Democrats, and “anything else that sparks her interest.” She is most excited for her honors colloquium and international relations classes.

 Her illustrious high school career at Chatham Hall included leadership positions in Model UN, the student newspaper, and the honors society. She also was captain of her high school’s field hockey and basketball teams. She relished her time in European History, Ethics, French, and Human Geography.

 Looking into the future, if she could have any job in the world she would be a journalist who travels a lot. If she could live anywhere in the world she would live in New Orleans (obviously). 

Clifford Soloway, Westchester, NY

By Cam Lutz

The upcoming Freshman class at Tulane University boasts many talented students with diverse interests and aptitudes and a potential to excel. Clifford Soloway, a cell biology and political economics double major from Westchester, NY, stands out as a prime example.

Cliff resides in the Wall, the new Freshman Honors dorm. In addition to being selected to join the honors program, Cliff won the Paul Tulane Award. Each year, a committee led by the Dean of Admission grants about 50 students a full-tuition scholarship based on academic achievement and writing aptitude. Cliff wrote an opinion on the Fisher v. Texas decision and a tutorial called “How to Fail a Road Test.” 

It was not just the financial generosity of the university that prompted Cliff to accept the university’s admission offer. He was also drawn to the university’s community service opportunities and academics. Cliff believes that the university’s distinguished political economics program would be good preparation for law school, an alternative to a career in cell research. 

As part of a science research program at his high school, Cliff designed an experiment on metabolism cancer. The summer after his Junior year, he traveled to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, where he made significant contributions to the field, specifically in post-translation modification. Cliff hopes to learn more about cell biology and make further contributions to the field in the future. 

When he is not conducting cancer research or studying, Cliff enjoys playing the saxophone, binge watching shows on Netflix and reading. His favorite book is East of Eden by John Steinbeck. But Cliff doesn’t just read for pleasure. He said, “I don’t read literature as much as I read philosophy and political writings.” He is especially interested in political philosophy, and has read works from notable writers on the subject, including Naomi Klein, Karl Marx, Emma Goldman and Adam Smith. 

Cliff has already begun writing for the Hullabaloo. He will surely contribute to the Tulane community and beyond in significant ways. 

Campbell Lutz, Austin, TX

By Clifford Soloway


Campbell Lutz: an individual as flavorful and zesty as the soups that share his name. Born in Houston, Cam has been a Texas native all his life. When he was two years old, he and his family moved to Curville to follow his Father’s job in a trust and estate law firm. The family moved to Austin six months later for the same reason. In Austin, Cam began to grow into the 6’2” giant he is today. His height he inherits from both his parents, his Father standing in at 6’7” while his mother is 5’11”. He developed a love for reading in his spare time, specifically enjoying dystopic and fantasy novels, as well as classic literature. He read “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury in his freshman year of high school, and both the book and author remain his favorites. Additionally, Cam harbors a rather dark sense of humor, as reflected in his appreciation of Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. He says he enjoys the protagonist Yossarian, along with Heller’s “clever twist on war and the absurdity of war through comedy.” Although Cam reads these novels for entertainment, he also enjoys the thought that they provoke.

When Cam isn’t reading, he is often traveling. The impressive list of countries he has visited with his family includes France, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, Sweden, and Canada. From this family tradition of worldliness, Cam has developed a distinct love and appreciation for travel in general. As a result, he considers the eight-hour drive between Austin and New Orleans an ideal distance from home to spend the next few years.

Whether Cam is at home or abroad, you will never see him eating meat. As an objection to the practices of factory farming and the animal cruelty that it entails, Cam and his Father are both vegetarian. He does contend, however, that if meat was generally produced on smaller, locally based farms, he would have no ethical objection to its consumption.

Looking to the future, Cam is interested in studying psychology and possibly pursuing law school one day. He is at Tulane in part because of the significant scholarship he received. He is one of the few recipients of the 2016 Paul Tulane Award, which pays for his complete college tuition.

Hopefully, we will continue to see Cam working on the Tulane Hullabaloo over the next few years.


Armando Marin, Leesville, LA

By Parker Greenwood

Armando Marin, 20, born in Fort Hood, Texas, came to Tulane from Leesville, Louisiana. Leesville is a small town, about four and a half hours out from New Orleans, an hour West of Alexandria. He attended Anacoco High School, a public school with a graduating class of 34 kids. In that class was his best friend Brandi Doyal, current Editor-in-Chief of the Tulane Hullabaloo. The two friends joined the staff together their freshman year.

Marin is participating in a joint bachelor’s program in the business school, a five-year endeavor. The program will allow him to finish with an undergraduate double major in finance and management, as well as a graduate’s degree in accounting. He is also pursuing two minors, one in art history and the other in public health. He will have one more year at Tulane, in grad school, so that he may finish his joint program through the business school. He is positive that he will stay on the Hullabaloo staff next year.

After he finishes school, Marin would like to stay in New Orleans, for a while at least. He has no intentions of moving back to Leesville, believing that New Orleans would be a good city for raising a family.

Kicking off his freshman year on staff at the paper, he became the associate news editor. The following year he was the online news editor, switching to an advertising manager his junior year. Feeling limited, as he could not write articles that he would have liked to because of conflicts of interest, he says he left the business staff, noting that he valued the experience. This year, he is a copy editor.

Marin’s favorite animal is a dog, although he worries that such a choice may be a copout. He stated that he does not like cats, citing his slight allergy to the species, as well as the feline’s temperamental nature. He does ease up on the animal, saying that they “can be cute.” This can be witnessed while walking with Marin through parts of campus when he says hello to them as he passes. He says that personally, he would be closest to a bee. He may look like he cannot hurt you, but he insists that he really can sting. Paralleling this character is also his busy nature. In line with this theme, Spring time is his favorite season. He enjoys seeing the flowers, along with actually being able to go outside.

Marin wanted to add how rewarding Summer Journalism Experience was for him as a freshman. “It was an awesome experience” he said. Feeling that it is better than the other explore programs, he especially enjoys the aspect of creating a finished product by the time it is over. On top of all of this, he was able to get a feel for the city and meet people knowledgeable in regards to campus life.


Lauren Gaines, Baton Rouge, LA

By Josh Axelrod

Lauren Gaines describes herself as an average preppy Southerner, but beneath her own humble account lies a much more layered, creative, and energetic Baton Rouge resident who has lived through tragedy and tumult but never views herself as a victim.

The outgoing 18 year old has lived in Baton Rouge her whole life, and stood on the frontlines of Hurricane Katrina, tragic police shootings, and intense flooding. She remembers Katrina from a personal standpoint — as a 7-year-old, she was focused on losing power in her home and missing school, but now sees the Baton Rouge flooding through an expanded and empathetic lens.

Gaines believes that living in a city the country seems to turn its attention to every other week has helped her worldview grow and taught her the importance of community.

“When tragedy like that strikes you have to learn to support each other and lean on each other,”Gaines said.

When she’s not witnessing Louisiana in turmoil or disaster, Gaines is snapping pictures with her Nikon camera and spending time with her family. The compassionate teen looks up to her grandmother as a role model and has learned a lot about being stead in one’s ways and treating others with kindness and respect from her selfless matriarch.

Gaines is also a fashion and dance enthusiast and cares a lot about her friends and her Southern Baptist religion. She was raised in her church and was able to come to Tulane University with financial help from the religious institution.

She plans on studying communication at Tulane University and hopes to be involved with a career in journalism in the future. Gaines’ dream is to work for Vogue or Buzzfeed.

Josh Axelrod, Fanwood, NJ

By Lauren Gaines

Upon hearing the last name Axelrod, images of an extremely cool individual-an action star, a daredevil, or a thrill-seeker-may come to mind. The general consensus is that anyone with the last name Axelrod is most likely an intriguing and adventurous person, and incoming Tulane freshman Josh Axelrod is no exception. An avid journalism and performing arts enthusiast, Josh is no stranger to putting himself in front of the public eye. Hailing from the small, close knit community of Fanwood, New Jersey, he spent his high school career as an staple member of both his community and his school’s theater programs.

Josh has performed in numerous productions, including GreaseFootlooseand How to Succeed in Business Without Really Tryingand was Vice-President of the Choral Studies Department. Outside of theater, Josh had the opportunity to write for a senior program internship, where he got to meet and interview many community leaders, and he was also involved in Model United Nations, Acapella, and was very much involved in his temple as a part of his Jewish faith all while finding time to intern with community leaders, attend Broadway shows, perform as a vocalist in his jazz band, and spend time with his friends.

During his time at Tulane, Josh plans to pursue Communications and Journalism with special interests in law and history. It is safe to say he is going to do great things as a member of the Green Wave!