1, 2, 3: Hull views increase

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Given The Hullabaloo‘s recent and sudden transition into the digital age, now that we are several weeks into the semester, I thought we’d take a step back and look at the stats. They’re encouraging. These numbers are rough, drawing from Google Analytics for the first two years and Town News’ own analytic system for this year. Even then, these rough numbers can’t be construed as anything but a significant climb in online views. While it’s difficult to find out how many people pick up the print edition for a read (rather than packing material), these analytics are striking encouragement in a chaotic struggle to make The Hullabaloo relevant and online-savvy.

As The Hullabaloo, and many other student-run newspapers, only publish during the school year, these numbers only take into account the latter half of August through the first half of May for each year of data. Here is the breakdown:


  • Average views per month (4 weeks): 29,122
  • Average views per week (7 days): 7,281
  • Highest day: 4,686
  • Lowest day: 265


  • Average views per month (4 weeks): 39,915
  • Average views per week (7 days): 9,979
  • Highest day: 11,813
  • Lowest day: 92


  • Average views per month (4 weeks) so far: 47,023
  • Average views per week (7 days) so far: 11,756
  • Highest day: 19,270
  • Lowest day: 418

Unfortunately, the median was not easily accessible and though I think it would be more telling than the average, at this point this is the best way we can reasonably represent the consistent increase in The Hullabaloo’s website views. I’m very happy to see this progress on the website, and I can only hope that views continue to hold through the rest of the school year and after that.

Thanks to the multimedia director and previous EIC for helping me put these numbers together!


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