Month: September 2014

Post Fall Elections: Training the troops, two posts remain open

We had several positions open after the redrafting of The Hullabaloo’s board member structure. We filled two layout editor positions and three copy editor positions, as well as a video producer position. After elections, however, two board positions remain vacant: ads layout editor and more importantly to the digital purpose, a webmaster. Up until this point, the multimedia director and I have split webmaster responsibilities, the website is not receiving the love and kindness it needs to really thrive. As a result, I met with our recruiting coordinator and personnel director to target special individuals who would want and be good for this position.

We decided that going to computer programming classes may be a good start and emailing professors who may have students in mind for the job would be more useful than blasting pleas through the social media stream. For now, however, the multimedia director and I will continue to foot the bill. I knew this position would be difficult to fill and if we cannot find the right person for the job, it would be a good idea to reconsider the position all together. At this point, though, it is best to give our recruitment team a chance to shine. These things take time.

Meanwhile, I am confident our new hires will ease the load on the rest of the board, and I am excited to see what our new video producer and her associate will come up with in the next couple of weeks.

We’ve had a large influx of reporters since our general interest meeting a week or two ago. Around 40 of them have gone through a training session, which we created to give them the fundamentals of reporting and save editors time in releasing news on the go. The next couple of weeks will be a trial to see whether that training will pay off in the long run. I understand that it’s a lot of information for new reporters to take in at first, but hopefully much of what our training coordinator shares will stick with them.

For now, it is still up to the design team, photography editor and business department to train their new helpers. Largely, we are depending on our visual director to educate the design team and the photo editor to train new photographers. Likewise, our business consultant, and former business manager, has teamed up with our advertising manager and business manager. They are in the process of creating a training regimen for newcomers. We recognize that this isn’t the perfect solution for training incoming contributors, but at this point we also know it is most important that we lay the foundation with the masses, which is generally made up of reporters.