Month: June 2014

What won’t fall between the cracks: The summer edition


While The Hullabaloo has put a new staff structure in place, one hurdle we have encountered is putting together the summer issue. To put out this issue, the staff has to work virtually, as people are spread out across the U.S. (and sometimes further) during the summer. To produce this print issue, despite divying up section editors as print vs. online, we’ve joined everyone to help produce the summer edition.

Both print and online editors worked together to put a priority list of stories up and shell out assignments to reporters. In addition, both section editors (except in the case of the views editor, who works alone) are contributing pieces to this summer print issue.

The summer issue is a challenge every year, and this year in particular. For one, I was in New Orleans last year to help with the issue hands-on and speak with my advisor. And for two, this issue is the first of the new staff’s. Before, we hired staff three issues before the end of the year — that way they could get acclimated to their position with guidance from the previous editor. The decision to elect staff at a later date came with several discussions between my advisor and me about the lack of training that new staff members had whenever they began their job in the fall, which resulted in several serious incidents because the staff is comparatively younger.

This new issue, so, is the first issue they handle. While they have no experience, the team has more time to put together the issue, and the issue is shorter than most of the editions we published this year. I am hoping that this experience will bring editors together but at the same time not overwhelm them before staff training in the fall.

Either way, this issue is another challenge that came with switching the staff structure around because it does not neatly fall into routines we hope to instill when classes begin. The summer edition will come out on June 9, though, and then the training coordinator, recruitment coordinator, and personnel director and I can begin planning staff training and the Summer Journalism Experience, our week-long freshman orientation program for those interested in working on The Hullabaloo.