Month: May 2014

Positions unfilled

I apologize for the delay in recording an update following elections until now, but being a student got in the way. One of the challenges I knew we would encounter as a first-year media company was filling the positions created in the new hierarchy. The following are positions we were unable to fill during spring elections:

  • Video Producer
  • Webmaster
  • 2 Copy Editors
  • 2 Layout Editors

The key positions I was worried would not be filled included the recruitment coordinator and the training coordinator, two positions key to fulfilling a strong foundation for incoming reporters at The Hullabaloo.

We will have another set of elections in the fall after our general interest meeting a week or so into fall classes. I am content with where we stand as of now, and I’m extremely excited about the team that we did elect.

We will have a young staff for the second year in the row, but their willingness and even eagerness to embrace the digital age is a hopeful sign for The Hullabaloo. For now, we need to tackle the summer issue, and I’ll be posting research on training for the fall.