Transition casualties

Traditionally, The Hullabaloo staff has transition three issues before the end of the academic year, so the new staff can dive into their new positions before the year ends. It gives the new staff the opportunity to ask the old staff for questions, tips and guidance as they embark on their first few issues. This year, this transition was particularly rough for The Hullabaloo because a young staff came up, and many seniors who made up the previous staff did not give as much guidance as was necessary to make the transition something near smooth.

Given the substantial digital-first, organizational changes that will take effect for the new staff this year, that transition was not plausible.

  1. The new staff would not be performing the same particular tasks as the previous staff. This hands-on guidance by the previous staff to the new staff is mostly useful for the particulars involved in someone’s duties, and these would not match up given the restructuring of jurisdiction and responsibilities behind 75 percent of the positions.
  2. The new staff would have to learn the old way using positions that don’t match the old process and then learn the new way directly after that.
  3. Practically speaking, the plans, policies and overall paperwork would not be completed for the last three issues. Time-wise, producing detailed job descriptions by elections is presenting a large obstacle for me at this point given the size of the Board.

As a result, this year’s staff is making its first major contribution to The Hullabaloo‘s digital transformation by taking on the last three issues of the year in addition to its traditional 24 issues. This extra responsibility has weighed on the staff, however, and so The Hullabaloo is producing a shortened version of its original newspaper, with no attached requirements for online articles for the remainder of the year: a content casualty. I am not particularly thrilled by this decision, but I understand the importance of The Hullabaloo staff’s sanity, and in the end temporary sacrifices will have to be made in order to take big steps in the right direction.



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