Managing Board applications released

The following is the email I sent out to staff announcing that the Managing Board position application (and contracts) had been posted. Given that the Board contracts are not prepared yet, this election process is a bit trickier than it normally would be. Tonight my production manager relayed several question from prospective layout editors, and I am quickly realizing that evenly disseminating information throughout staff is one of the most challenging obstacles I am facing.
Hi staff,
I am grateful to have been selected as the editor-in-chief for The Hullabaloo’s 2014-15 run, and I am excited to start the process of elections! Managing Board applications have been released and can be found at under “Apply.” These positions include:
Visual Director
Managing Editor
Personnel Director
Business Manager
If you would like to apply for one of these positions, please fill out the Managing Board application with the position(s) you are interested in, read and sign the corresponding contract that outlines all specific responsibilities, and email them to by 12 p.m. Saturday. You are welcome to apply for more than one Managing Board position. If you do not receive that position, you will also be able to apply for a/multiple Board position(s). 
The Board application, with corresponding contracts that outline the specific duties of each position, will be released by next week and will be due 5 p.m. Wednesday, April 23. You are welcome, and encouraged in many cases, to apply for multiple Board positions. Simply fill out the application with each position sought in mind.
Board positions include:
(find basic position descriptions here:
Marketing Manager
Advertising Manager
Advertising Layout Editor
Recruitment Coordinator
Training Coordinator
Chief Layout Editor
Layout Editor (3)
Photo Editor
Multimedia Director
Video Producer
Chief Copy Editor
Copy Editor (3)
Views Editor
News Editor (2)
Sports Editor (2)
Arcade Editor (2)
NOTE: Applicants interested in becoming CONTENT EDITORS in a section that is split into print and online (News Editors, Sports Editors, Arcade Editors) will just apply for Editor in that section, noting preference for online or print, and Managing Board will assign the applicant online or print editor depending on the best fit.
NOTE: Applicants interested in becoming LAYOUT EDITORS will apply for the layout editor position, noting preference for Arcade/Sports/Views in order (Chief Layout Editor lays out News), and Managing Board will assign the applicant a section depending on the best fit.
NOTE: Applicants interested in becoming COPY EDITORS will apply for the copy editor position, noting preference for Arcade/Sports/Views in order (Chief Copy Editor edits News), and Managing Board will assign the applicant a section depending on the best fit.
I will respond with a confirmation email when I receive your application. I look forward to seeing the new team come together!
Thank you,

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