End of year to-do list

As the end of the academic year comes into sight, in addition to weekly duties these are the overarching tasks surrounding the digitalization of The Hullabaloo that I personally need to complete before May 9 when I leave for a three-month journalism internship with the National Journalism Center:

  • Write up 18 individualized contracts for Board positions, edit and post Board application
  • Organize Managing Board elections, elect Managing Board members
  • Organize Board elections, elect Board members
  • Write up flow chart of 2014-15 weekly and monthly routine newspaper schedule
  • Research and submit request for basic digital media equipment
  • Complete transfer of missing online archives from previous web provider
  • Finalize payment rates for business department positions, re-submit/submit corresponding paperwork
  • Write up and send out guide for summer issue
  • Plan and hold first Board meeting
  • Meet with advisor to edit and virtually distribute Summer Journalism Experience brochure and application
  • Conduct Skype session with Ryan Frank
  • Compile digitalization report and contact Steve Buttry for feedback
  • Submit Hullabaloo work for College Media awards
  • Determine 2014-15 production schedule

Most likely I’ve forgotten something, but this list should keep me grounded for the next few weeks as we reach closer to the April 30 deadline when we will produce a digital-first report to work from during the summer and fall.


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