Importance of contracts

To increase clarity or responsibilities, which is one major concern staff members had going into this transition, I’ve decided to introduce detailed contracts for each position. These are contracts are to be signed and turned in with applications. The idea is that these contracts will help make prospective Board members aware of the particular responsibilities that correspond with their job title and eliminate discrepencies that often occur when expectations are blurry. However, I anticipate discrepencies even with these contracts, given the uncharted territory for The Hullabaloo. The following is one example of a Managing Board contract – specifically the Managing Editor’s.


The Tulane Hullabaloo seeks to inform and engage its readers through honest and relevant reporting and to facilitate interaction within the Tulane community and beyond. By becoming an elected member of the Tulane Hullabaloo Board, you are agreeing to act ethically and responsibly and to consider the well-being of the paper and its staff in your actions.

I agree to perform the following weekly tasks if elected 2014-15 Managing Editor for The Hullabaloo:

  • Attend Managing Board meeting and content meeting
  • Approve print priority list for each section editor before stories are assigned to reporters
  • Approve rolling story ideas for online, excluding breaking stories when unable
  • Edit all content last for print production on production night
  • Assist section editors during content emergencies
  • Supervise day-to-day content production, online and in print

In addition to the above weekly tasks, I agree to perform the following duties:

  • Attend staff training and Summer Journalism Experience
  • Attend monthly Board meetings
  • Monitor online/social media content activity
  • Address overall/section content issues when necessary
  • Address communication issues between section editors
  • Attend copy editing meeting monthly
  • Attend sections’ reporters’ meeting monthly
  • Meet with Training Coordinator monthly

I understand that I am first and foremost in charge of and responsible for all written content produced by The Hullabaloo. I commit myself to maintain The Hullabaloo’s standard of content, and more, I intend to improve its quality of content.


Print Name: ________________________________________________________ Date: _____________

Signature: __________________________________________________________ Date: _____________


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