Hull Staff Structure 2014-15

Hull Organization


Everyone on Board must have a basic understanding of how to use AP Style, write a straightforward news article, post an article/photo/video to the website. Managing Board meetings and content meetings take place weekly. Board meetings take place monthly.



  • Supervise business, personnel, visual, and content departments
  • Gives post-published feedback on content
  • Holds Board meetings, Managing Board meetings, News Budgeting meetings
  • Copied on all emails sent by Managing Board members
  • Meets with advisor at least once a week
  • Plan/attend SJE and staff training

Managing Editor

  • Supervise day-to-day content production, print and online
  • Sign off on priority lists and rolling story ideas, copied on emails sent out by every editor (not including associates)
  • Last to edit print stories on production night
  • Manages content emergencies
  • Monitors sections’ online/social media production
  • Attend SJE/fall staff training

Print Editors

  • Produce sections during Wednesday night’s production for Thursday, including editing each article
  • Retain/oversee/guide print reporters (may overlap with online)
  • Lead weekly reporter meeting
  • Attend SJE/fall staff training

Senior Print Reporters

  • Write and research long form feature every two weeks
  • Write regular article every week

Online Editors

  • Supervise daily content production, at least one story a day
  • Retain/oversee/guide online reporters (may overlap with print)
  • Edit each article
  • Monitor section’s social media, including section Twitter account
  • Attend SJE/fall staff training
  • Lead weekly reporter meeting

Senior Online Reporters

  • Assist editor with social media/Twitter accounts
  • Work w/ editor on breaking stories
  • Write regular article per week

Associate Online Editors

  • Educate/guide reporters
  • Compile stock information (interviewee contacts, department contacts, etc.)
  • Assist editor with social media/Twitter accounts
  • Write regular article per week
  • Attend all reporter training sessions

Chief Copy Editor

  • Copy edits/Fact-checks News section
  • Holds weekly quizzes/feedback meetings with copy editors, including associates
  • Educates copy editors, addresses recurring errors

Section Copy Editors

  • Copy edit/Fact-check appropriate section
  • Attend weekly feedback meetings

Associate Copy Editors

  • Copy edit/Fact-check recurring items (blurbs, lagniappe, playlist, etc.) in appropriate section
  • Attend weekly feedback meetings

Visual Director

  • Educates department on new layout, photography, multimedia techniques
  • Designs Hullabaloo identity
  • Supervises and monitors photography, multimedia, website, layout throughout week
  • Works w/ Webmaster on front page of website
  • Attends meetings of supervised departments at least once a month
  • Attends SJE/fall staff training
  • Checks in on layout/photos during production night

Multimedia Director

  • Develops/updates App
  • Develops special interactive options on website (poll, crime map, menus, etc.)
  • Oversees social media usage outside posting articles (Marketing, Personnel, Photo, etc.)
  • Attends SJE/fall staff training
  • Tracks/reports social media statistics

Photo Editor

  • Posts galleries
  • Retains/manages photographers
  • Compiles/organize file photos
  • Attends SJE/fall staff training


  • Responsible for technical upkeep of website
  • Assists layout editors in designing webpages
  • Communicates with website provider
  • Attends SJE/fall staff training
  • Tracks/reports web analytics

Chief Layout Editor

  • Paginates News section
  • Approves design of others sections
  • Holds weekly feedback meetings, including associates
  • Attends SJE/fall staff training

Section Layout Editors

  • Paginate section in print and online
  • Attend weekly feedback meetings
  • Attend SJE/fall staff training

Associate Layout Editors

  • Design infographics
  • Paginate internal pages
  • Attend weekly feedback meetings

Video Producer

  • Works with feature writers to make video projects
  • Produce one video per month
  • Eventually, manages/trains other videographers
  • Video campus question

Personnel Director

  • Supervises recruiting and training of new Hullabaloo members
  • Attends all training sessions
  • Distributes Hull Love
  • Plans social events
  • Oversees general well-being of staff
  • Assists in planning SJE activities
  • Attends SJE/fall staff training

Recruiting Coordinator

  • Assists in planning SJE
  • Publicizes continuous recruiting for The Hullabaloo
  • Attends classes/club meetings
  • Sends out emails/puts up flyers/utilizes social media
  • Attends all reporter training sessions
  • Attend SJE/fall staff training

Training Coordinator

  • Assists in planning SJE
  • Holds two reporter training sessions per month
  • Attend SJE/fall staff training

Business Manager

  • Supervises marketing, distribution, advertising
  • Completes regular billing procedures, including recording/organizing appropriate information for files
  • Proposes annual budget to Managing Board
  • Updates advertising pamphlet
  • Orders office supplies
  • Attends SJE/fall staff training
  • Manages photography rentals

Advertising Manager

  • Coordinates payment of advertising staff
  • Develops associate training process
  • Manages advertising associates
  • Maintains client relationships
  • Holds weekly associate meetings
  • Meets with clients alongside Advertising Layout Editor

Advertising Associates

  • Create contacts in campus and community
  • Sell online and print ads
  • Market/sell other advertising opportunities as needed
  • Attend weekly associate meetings

Advertising Layout Editor

  • Meet with clients to assess needs
  • Design/submit ads, make necessary edits

Distribution Manager

  • Distributes newspaper on campus Thursday
  • Mails print newspaper on Friday
  • Notifies Business Manager/EIC when papers arrive
  • Tracks number of paper left at rack each week

Marketing Manager

  • Publicizes The Hullabaloo to community
  • Attends FAQs
  • Oversees marketing endeavors
  • Sponsoring events
  • Merchandising
  • Public Awareness events (coffee and donuts)
  • Acquires business statistics for clients

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