Online Policy Research

The following is information gathered by our online editor on website policies.

The Daily Emerald


The opinions expressed in the comments section are the thoughts of their authors, not of the Emerald or its reporters.

In order to make the community comments at a friendly and safe place for readers to join the conversation, Emerald editors will monitor comments and remove any comment in violation of the following:

  • No insults based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, disabilities or appearance.
  • No attacks on specifically named individuals.
  • No sexually explicit, threatening or violent language.
  • No comments that are clearly off topic, self promotional or spamming.
  • No clear lies about a person, group or event.
  • No personal attacks or harassment toward specific members of the Emerald staff.

The Emerald encourages conversations and invites anyone with more to say to send a letter to the editor via email to We also encourage commenters to flag comments they believe are inappropriate for review by our editors.

The Daily Reveille

Hopefully I can help you out. As far as policies, we don’t allow our writers to comment on articles, comments on our website must be approved by an administrator with no profanity allowed, we try and encourage our writers to tweet out/facebook their stories. Overall, I think we just emphasize keeping it professional. Instagram is sort of new for us, so we don’t really have any guidelines yet, we’re still trying to figure out what’s best.

For the most part, it works out pretty well. I think our sports writers are really the only ones who have any sort of following on Twitter, which isn’t that much. We’ve had problems in the past and talked to them about it, but nothing too major. 

The Ithacan

I’m happy to talk more about how we do online and social media at The Ithacan. We don’t really have “policies,” per se. But we have a social media manager who coordinates all our accounts, and we have an online news editor who handles breaking news and daily stories. We also have a Web Master who maintains and monitors website traffic and internal posting of stories by all the editors. By dedicating a person to each job, there is less room for error in terms of ethical approaches. If there are every any questions, everyone reports to me.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more specific questions I can answer.


Most if our policies are fluid from year to year so that we can stay up to date on the latest trends and adjust things to meet the personalities of our staff members and leaders.

Generally, for our web content, the stories will be turned into a section editor, who will edit it and then post it. We have a copy editor on duty for each day who keeps an eye on the site and reads through content to make sure everything looks right.

For comments, the system we use (BLOX CMS) flags any egregious/profane words and notifies us (staff leadership) so that we can review the comment before it goes live on the site. Otherwise we try to let users be free to comment whatever they please.

For social media, all of our stories are automatically pushed to our Twitter feed, and we have a social media director who oversees all other uses of social media. We try to increase site traffic by featuring our stories on all of our platforms multiple times. We also have approved reporters live tweet from various events and sports games from their personal cell phones. Our photo editor actually runs our Instagram account, and will post feature photos, even as he takes them sometimes.

Generally, like I said, what has worked best has been making adjustments and changes as a new idea or tool comes up. Being flexible and open has allowed us to use the differing preferences of our staff leaders to our advantage. Obviously we still have a lot of the same struggles as any other organization, but hopefully this helps a little bit.


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