Coffee Notes



Countless meetings with staff, reporters, administrators, weekly readers and my advisor later, I’ve come back with some great feedback for The Hullabaloo moving forward. For those outside of The Hullabaloo, I offered a Hullabaloo mug as incentive, and it worked! When it was decided that The Hullabaloo needed to make significant changes to its staff structure, I knew it would be in our best interest to not only make digitalization our priority, but also efficiency, which work hand-in-hand. As a result, I looked for suggestions regarding the newspaper digital future, basic content and among the staff communication problems. Below I’ve listed general notes from these meetings.

For those of you looking to repeat this process, I found that the best feedback I received came from reporters, people who are not ingrained in our editorial board and can see objectively from the outside. I suggest you go straight there and work your way inward.


  1. More integration with community using links from organization pages, newsletters
  2. Emailing out The Hullabaloo to faculty
  3. I also received a few professors for digital media — which is specifically helpful for us given Tulane does not have a journalism program


  1. I received a name for a professor in social entrepreneurship — good to know for staff training in the fall.
  2. Trouble recruiting, retaining staff because of a lack of formal training process, associates need training before they join payroll as opposed to starting them on an account to learn.


  1. Like to see more local news coverage in the opinion section.
  2. Push stories to the next step, they feel like they’re close but not quite there sometimes.
  3. Encourage more letter to the editors.
  4. Use Harbinger Harry.
  5. Ask professors to weigh in on national issues for the opinion section.
  6. More features on students.
  7. Approve of the more visual format of print.


  1. Recruiting/retention problems across the board.
  2. Reporters need lessons on AP style, previously left up to copy editors.
  3. Like to see more socialization between reporters in their sections, foster socialization.
  4. Need to attach sources for fact-checking.
  5. Need more events in the Hull office that don’t involve the newspaper, make those not on the editorial board more comfortable in the office, socialization.
  6. Too many meetings not specialized for those attending.
  7. People considering leaving the paper because they are not receiving monetary compensation, pressure to get a job.

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