Month: February 2014

Marketing “Why The Hullabaloo”

This mindset will be the basis of The Hullabaloo’s future marketing program. In terms of The Hullabaloo’s staff as a whole, everyone needs to know not just what (the tasks) and/or how (the logistics), but also WHY. As a general rule, each segment of The Hullabaloo has operated separately with little perspective on the complete organization. This trend must change to push progress and inspire sweat and tears of effort from The Hullabaloo’s staff.


Introducing research notes

I’ve just now added three new pages to this blog to document the ongoing textual research for this Hullabaloo transition. I will continue to add notes to these pages as my research continues, but they will be the basis for critical decisions in the upcoming staff restructure and policy creation. They should also serve as a quick understanding of The Hullabaloo’s upcoming challenges/opportunities in a short-hand, easily accessible form.

Presenting change to staff

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 10.17.45 PM

Today, The Hullabaloo took its first step as a staff into the digital first world with this wonderful presentation the production editor and I put together: Hullabaloo: Digital First Presentation

I felt it was necessary to give certain specifics the staff could hold onto because up until this point the word “change” was very abstract. I also introduced the existence of this blog, which should help our staff stay on the same page. At the same time, these points and plans mentioned in the presentation are not set in stone. Can’t wait see The Hullabaloo staff navigate this revolution together!

The Drawing Board


The Hullabaloo‘s journey toward a digital first newsroom has started like many great visions before, at the drawing board. Thanks to Ryan Frank, present adviser of the Daily Emerald, the student newspaper of the University of Oregon, Eugene., our staff has taken its first steps toward becoming a digital media company.

By April 30, the future plan for The Hullabaloo should be completed, including a full written report and a guideline for the upcoming transition. While The Hullabaloo’s plans will not directly emulate the transformation called the Revolution the Daily Emerald underwent, it has given The Hullabaloo a starting point.